SimplSeq Files Second Patent Around Breakthrough Technology

March 16, 2021 9:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

SimplSeq, the company dedicated to simplifying the genomic sequencing workflow process, has announced that a second provisional patent application has been filed protecting certain developments made by the company.

“While our initial application covered our improvements in the sample preparation process, this application covered an even more exciting area that we have focused on,” stated Brandon Young, lab director and CTO of SimplSeq. “For the first time, genomic sequencing labs will be able to preserve the original DNA and RNA material from samples and be able to save it for future testing.”

Young went on to explain that there are several applications for this new technology. “In most cases, the sample preparation process extracts the DNA or RNA from the sample, purifies it, and then makes many copies of it. Then when it goes through sequencing, all of the copies are used. If you can’t get a good read, or the information you are looking for is missing, you will need a new sample. This can be very problematic for patients who don’t want another biopsy.”

He also explained that with this process, the original material can now be “banked” for future research. “As science evolves and we learn more about the genome, researchers will be able to go back and run new sequences targeting different areas than those they looked at before. This could be a huge boon to the entire research world.”

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